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Betsy is a cocktail waitress and a spokesperson for a major alcoholic beverage which she endorses (or they endorse her) to promote the brand in luxury restaurants in Lower Manhattan and Lounge Clubs for the "in crowd" in New York's buzzin' night life.

She was born on a November 20th, 1985 and is of mix ethnicity-making her exotic to many. In NUMEROLOGY the # 2 correlates to the sign of LIBRA, THE STRATEGIST, PARTNERSHIPS, DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS, POLITICS IN GENERAL, and INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS in particular. The number 2 stands for COOPERATION, LOVE, and the vice of MANIPULATION.

She has an AQUARIAN ASCENDANT and a PISCES MOON, making the personality seem "off beat" and "eccentric" . The ascendant rules the conditions of the PHYSICAL BODY (look at those cheek bones!). She is also very statuesque

"Why do they call you a heart stopper?"

"I don't know..."

"You do seem mysterious, almost enigmatic"

"Really?" She responded, gleefully

"And I think you know it", I admitted

"Maybe, I mean I know there's something about me that make men and women crazy for me..."

"And how do you feel about that?"

"Sometimes I like-or even love it. But scares me..."

"Now that's interesting. no one's ever admitted that before-takes courage"

"Hey, I'm a Sag. To thine own self be true"

"Hate to break it to you, but you're a Scorpio-not a Sag"

"That must explain why my boyfriend and I click like that"

"That's a beautiful thing. So tell me-"


"What is it about you that warrants the reputation as a 'heart stopper'?"

"I really don't know. I guess that's why I'm here. My girlfriend swears by you"

"Wouldn't it be less expensive for you to just simply get a tarot reading?"

"You know how to do that?" in awe

"Surely your girlfriend told you, no?"

"Only about the birth chart-and that's what I want, really"

"Is being a 'heart stopper' getting you into trouble?"

"What sort of trouble?"

"Any trouble that would warrant spending over 500 dollars for an answer that can be obtained through tarot and be by far less expensive for you"

"How I spend my money is my business-not yours, no?"

"And how I spend my time is mine, and I don't chart just anybody. This takes hours, days, even weeks to professionally prepare an erected chart. It is serious work and it should not be used to query such mundane questions like 'why I'm a a heart stopper'? kinda thin"

"Please, astrology is not the end all withall, you know?"

"And yet you are here..."

"I'm just sayin' astrology-like everything else in life, is relative"

"You're right, I certainly agree; which is why I don't push astrology to anyone, but merely present it to those who have made astrology their reality; not fanatics, and by fanatics I mean those who check their horoscopes everyday and bank their day by it WITHOUT BEING PROFESSIONALLY CHARTED. It's one thing to follow it, once you've been charted, and even then, you shouldn't rely on it for every single waking life moment, but it is quite another when people engage in that type of fanaticism based on a newspaper column. That's not astrology, but something else to sell newspapers"

"But some of them are very accurate, thou", she admitted

"And I'm glad that you found one that resonates with you. I myself follow She's stunningly accurate. I suggest people like you to seek those sites rather than the services I provide here. This type of astrology is the BIG GUNS as far as I'm concerned"

"You certainly charge a lot"

"To weed out those who do not take this science, and it is a science, seriously. And honestly. My prices are not expensive. If anything, I've been criticized by more affluent clients that I'm underselling myself, potentially losing credibility.

"But if people are paying their money, why should it matter?"

"Anything obtained without disciplined effort or respect, will not be taken seriously by most people. And those who have the money to spend are no more exempt than those who have no money but still hold the same philosophy-the philosophy of 'not taking this seriously'. I don't chart them either. Again, not because it affects me, like an ego thing, but because for all that effort, energy and investment, you would want that person to equally invest their FAITH that this might just work for them-still not promising guarantees, but let's jump in together and figure things out together. This process, like any other counseling profession, is a process of 'journey'. And in this process of 'journey', we make 'discoveries', some are scary, and some are exciting. Astrology, if done correctly, can be just as enlightening as gestalt, transactional, transpersonal analysis-including psychoanalytic theory and all the other therapeutic tools out there".

"Boy, you really are long winded aren't you?" She nodded, frowning.

"Just like to drive the point home"

"Point driven, gosh"

"Now, you mentioned that being a heart stopper scares you. What did you mean by this?"

"Okay, I'll be honest. I was told by a reader, such as yourself, that I was going to be murdered. She wasn't the only reader to ever tell me that. I've been to many psychics and mediums and they have prescribed me all kinds of baths, infusions, and the like. But they don't work. the danger is still there. I went once to Russia in the town of St. Petersburg, and a psychic there told me the same thing!"

"And what was that?"

"That I would be..."

"...okay, okay", I softened my tone

Betsy is quite clever in thinking that her contempt would distract me from the real issue at hand (it also helped that her girlfriend already filled me in to some information about her prior to being charted)

Is Betsy to be worried? Yes! She was born with MARS in SCORPIO AT 13 DEGREES, SATURN (the 'grim reaper') at 8 DEGREES, and difficult aspects to the LIFE HOUSES and the DEATH HOUSES.

This condition is KARMIC and she needs to pray constantly-especially psalms 23, 90, 91, and 47 (which protect people from violent deaths)

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