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Didi: "Out to lunch"

Dinorah Johnson is often referred to as "Didi". She was born November 23 1991. She already went through her SATURN RETURN CYCLE. In NUMEROLOGY # 5 correlates to the sign of LEO (it is #5 in the series of 12 signs). It stands for ADVENTURE, SENSUALITY, AND THE VICE OF EXCESS.

She's "out to lunch" as her peers, acquaintances, and close friends refer to her.

Didi is sensual, fulfilling the promises of the # 5 vibration and also quite excessive in her material "tastes". She just got hired with a big investment firm as an administrative assistance. She's making money, but also spending it like water.

"So what's up, Didi. Why do you spend so much money?"

"I can't believe you are asking me that. Isn't that rather personal, Dude?"

"You don't have to answer..."

"I have expensive tastes. what can I say?"

"Do you live within your means?"

"Of course I do-otherwise I wouldn't have the disposable income to pay you- and you ain't cheap"

"That I'm not. Fine, point taken. Then why are we meeting?"

"I'm having anxiety attacks and I don't know why and the medications aren't doing the trick"

"Is this what's leading the compulsive shopping-"

"Again with the shopping and money bid?"

"There's a connection between your anxiety and the compulsive shopping. Don't you see this?"

"I see it, but I don't accept it..."

A SAGITARIAN with a VIRGO ASCENDANT and a GEMINI MOON can suffer from overinflation of the ego. And too much self-importance and pride can sometimes make the person lose touch with reality...

"Why "out to lunch" Didi?"

"Because I cut alot of people out of my life that weren't good for me. And now I'm more private, more inward. I like my own company. I use to be terrified of being alone. But not anymore..."

"why?" I asked.

"Don't even know, to tell you the truth. But it felt right!"

Didi learned to nurture herself more instead of being so giving of herself. Now she gives COMPLETELY to herself.

Her natal SATURN falls in her FIRST HOUSE. No doubt the first 30 years of her life were probably the hardest to her self-esteem/self-worth (TAURUS, but also VIRGO). And her first Saturn Return has RELEASED her of this "feeling of inadequacy" which led her to a behavior of "over compensation' ( or a people pleaser)

This is her SATURN RETURN CYCLE in the sign of VIRGO (the sign of the BACHELOR). As well as starting a new job or career (which the sign Virgo also rules).

But for the question of anxiety and panic attacks, the Saturn Return in the health (and nerve racking) sign of Virgo is NOT the culprit of her condition. It CONTRIBUTES to the problem, but it is NOT the cause.

The cause is the SUN-MOON OPPOSITION in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini (two polar opposites which, in natal astrology, is considered MALEFIC (bad).

The reason being that the MIND (The Sun) and the HEART (The Moon) are at ODDS (The opposition) to each other. And this phenomenon (or Aspect, as it is called) can MANIFEST BEHAVIORALLY as CONFLICTING EMOTIONS (veteran and honorary astrologer Noel Tyle calls it DEVELOPMENTAL TENSION).

This also happens in births involving a FULL MOON (when the Sun and Moon are, again, in Opposition to each other).

These people (myself included), will experience quite a bit of TURMOIL in our lives which will ALWAYS center around our EMOTIONAL RESPONSES and REACTIONS (which can be productive or destructive).

Another phenomenon of this FULL MOON OPPOSITION is that the native (person) isn't PSYCHOLOGICALLY AWARE of the conflicting emotional flux at a conscious level, but subconscious; MANIFESTING IN ERRATIC BEHAVIOR OR DESPONDENCY.

There, I'm trying to be as CLINICAL as possible in my explanation of this phenomenon, because I would like to EDUCATE you on how to deal with them, if this aspect applies to you.

Even thou I'm a MALE, I keep an EMOTIONAL DIARY, always observing the FULL AND NEW MOON CYCLES. By doing this, I can PREDICT my own emotional "states" or "flux from the minute I get up to going to bed that evening. It's a GREAT feeling, knowing that you can CURB your emotions if you don't like them (for whatever reason) for any moment in time.

Other people jog, take a walk, listen to music while going for a POWER WALK, and so on. Try what works for you. But try to keep such a diary. It will REWARD YOU in the end...

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