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Ever so sweet, Carmen

What can I say about Carmen? She was born a Virgo, on September 10th in 1970, so she's a little older, but the Virgo charm and beauty is clearly evident. She's coy, elusively tantalizing, and flirtatious. She has a SCORPIO MOON and a SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT (look at those shoulders). She's tall, obviously beautiful, smart, financially solvent, but MISERABLY UNHAPPY. In NUMEROLOGY the # 10 correlates the the sign CAPRICORN. (it is # 10 in series of 12 signs). The #10 also reduces to #1 which correlates to the sign ARIES.

The # 1 stands for LEADERSHIP, INITIATIVE, and the VICE of ANGER

In business, this energy is very evident, but it also is the source of her sorrow. She has problems with men (which MARS the planet of "penetration" the Phallic Symbol" happens to rule)

The CAPRICORN energy is clearly evident in her earthy sensuality, her clothing is always earth tone, green, off white, and brown ( her favorite color)

It is the typical story. A beautiful, successful Latina woman who can't hold on to a man.

The problem? The men feel emasculated, she states...

This type of woman usually attracts very virile, alpha type males. The sensuous earthy vibration is slow, and "timely" one-I can see men going crazy over her, it's easy...

"Carlos is so stupid sometimes", she confesses, but with a mischievous , tantalizing sidewise smile.

"But you like him, don't you?" I pressed.

"yeah", she breathed, "he's so cute in his own way..."

"All men are cute to you, Carmen. The question is, do they treat you right. you know what they say..." I countered


"The cuter the guy the worse he treats you"

"I suppose, but what am I to do?"

"You have to raise your standards about these guys-yes I know they are cute or handsome or what have you, but they are not respecting you"

"But they're so cute and so sexy! Sometimes I can't help it!"

"You will when they start slapping you around like a hood bitch"

"ouch! Thanks for the forwardness"

" Hey just like tough love, this is tough counsel"

"It better be for a hundred dollars an hour. You crook!"

"But you keep coming..."

"I know. Sometimes it happens when I'm on the bus-you know, the vibrations of the motor"

"...wait a minute-what?"

Yes, I got caught off guard. It happens with Sagittarians or Sagittarian Ascendant peoples. They are so blunt it can be unsettling (thank God she's attractive enough to forgive)

The INTENSITY of the SCORPIO MOON can be sometimes impossible to tame! It gets Carmen into a lot of trouble. But she is quite older, and I guess she's entitled to treat men like candy in a candy store (not that any man would mind).

Her SATURN RETURN CYCLE will occur at 31, versus 28, 29, or 30, and this is due to mathematical phenomenon in which those born WITHIN 10 days to 20 days of the vernal equinox or 10 to 20 days WITHIN the WINTER SOLSTICE will experience a DELAY BY UP TO TWO YEARS OF THEIR SATURN RETURN CYCLE AND EXPERIENCE.

This is considered RARE, but it does happen-and this chart is an example of one.

I have my concerns with this chart. I have known many women clients that have been murdered by obsessive boyfriends (who, of course, were disturbed in some pathological way. this is not a case of an overbearing boyfriend).

It's scary, but these are experiences that come with the territory of being an astrologer. Not every case will be "fun and peachy"

Every client that I've known which have "exited" in this horrific way, still stays with me (it never leaves you).

I pray for her. I welcome you to do so also. Not for this client but for those you may perceive may be in such "situation"

UPDATE: 4/10/14:

Carmen called me out of the blue! I was so happy to hear from her. She was so dainty, so "girly" and absolutely tantalizingly "bad". We met at my apartment office in New York: she came in looking stunning as I remembered her; but this time she had some one with her...

"And who is this good looking fellow you got here?"

"That's my son, Gibrald", she stated proudly; she looked slightly older, a little chubby, and her hair was short.

"Girl, tell me what's going on?" I was intrigued

"Well, I married Carlos-remember him?""

"Yeah, you had the hots for him pretty bad. On your defense he was an attractive looking man-I would get 'caught up' or any straight man for that matter"

"He was an asshole-he left me after he said he would marry me!"

"I'm sorry to hear that"

"You were right about him. he was no good.."

"is he good to your son/"

"He doesn't know..."

"...excuse me...?"

And the soap opera continues...

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