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Megan Finnely was born on May 19,1974 and has been a career woman most of her life. She married her high school sweet heart and together bought a house in Wilton, Connecticut. A beautiful wooded forest in the heart of New England.

The # 10 corresponds to the industrious sign of CAPRICORN, reduced to a 1, correlating to ARIES as the FINAL NUMBER: suggests LEADERSHIP, PIONEERING, and the vice of ANGER.


Her husband Lance, worked as a stock analyst and she was a high school gym teacher.

They have three children together and one more that belongs to Lance from a previous marriage.

They have a 200,000 mortgage still left to pay on their home. Not knowing what to do. Megan contacted me through Goggle engine and gave it a shot.

"I want a Job! I need a job! I'm scared!" She begins to cry. I was caught off guard, and I believe she was surprised herself (she obviously hasn't talk to anyone about how she was "feeling")

"How long have you been unemployed?"

"Two years. All our savings is gone..."

"And your husband?"

"He walked out on me!"

Aw, shit! I thought, "what happened?"

"He couldn't take the pressure! The little fucker" She spat (almost spitting at me)

"Did he give any warning?"

"No he didn't give any fucking warning!" She bellowed

"And the children?"

"What about them! They're fine! They know mommy got everything under control", she paused, then breathed, regaining herself. She pulled out a cigarette and motioned to me if it was okay to smoke. I nodded affirmatively, and asked her to toss one over to me (I needed it!)

She seemed to relax, and tried to give a bleak semblance of a smiled. I smiled and winked surreptitiously to throw off any "uneasiness"

"So...what now?" Resolved.

"We look at the chart to see what's going on"

"And what's going?"

"Uranus, the "awakener" is traversing your FOURTH HOUSE of the home, family, and financial security. It is opposing your TENTH HOUSE

, which governs the CAREER AXIS".

"That explains why I lost my job which affected the breakup of my family. Yeah, I see that".

"it is also SQUARING YOUR ASCENDANT, from the fourth house. You should be careful of accidents and electronic malfunctions which could prove frustrating. Uranus rules the nervous system and neurological disorders-including chronic back pain and sciatica"

"My god! Yes! you hit it on the money!" She exclaimed

"Good! I'm pleased. that tells me we are heading or at least looking in the right direction"

"What else is going on in that chart?"

"To be honest, not much else..."

"How long is this transit going to last?"

"seven years..."


"The Planet Uranus has an orbit of seven years per internal. And it also has a retrograde period, meaning that this difficult time will repeat itself and transit your chart by degree over that same mathematical midpoint"

"okay, This is good this is good. I can plan my next move"


"But what should that be? How can I save my home and rescue my marriage?" She begins to weep

"...have you heard from Mr. Finnely. Do you know how he's doing?"

"Why should I care!?"

"Hey, relax!" I countered

"How could you ask me something like that?"

"Because although he coward out on you, that doesn't make you stop loving him any less, now does it?"

"He didn't even tell me he was leaving. I woke up one morning and he was gone! He didn't even come back for the rest of his crap!"

"How old are you're children?"

"Bobby is twelve, Samford is 14, Larry is 9 and Ashley is 16"

"Wow...impressionable ages..."

"Yes! This was not the time to bail out on me!" She shouted again. Her anger was coming out in "fits and sprouts"

"Have you joined any support groups. You know, a network to help you fuel out this anger"

"Fernando, what void or vacuum are in living in?! I'm in foreclosure, not working, and three kids to look after, and I miss my husband-what universe are you living in?!"

"The same one as you. But you have to get over your fucking anger because you got three boys who should not be learning this toxic expression from their mother-not to mention your daughter. And as far as you missing your husband goes-get a dildo like everybody else-"

"Including you?"

"Don't need it, but when I do I'll let you know.."

She suddenly started to laugh, and I was surprised.

"thank you for allowing me to vent like this"

"You can't possibly focus on looking for work if you still have rage inside you. Yo can't focus that way"

"I'm scared...I talk a good game, but I'm scared. My children are watching what I do. I don't want to disappoint them..."

"Megan, what do you consider to be the most valuable asset that you have at your disposal?"

"I'm dependable, intelligent, resourceful-"

"Aha!. That's the word I was looking for!"

"Which one, resourceful?"

"Yes. You are. I believe that this is your opportunity to reinvent yourself. The planet Uranus, which is currently putting your world upside down, is demanding that you change and flow with the "tides of change"

"But that's a bummer. How does one prepare for that?"

"You don't. That's the point!"


"Can you prepare to die?


"You can TRY TO PREPARE, but the true fact is that we don't know when we will die. So we cannot adequately prepare for it-at least not emotionally. When it happens it will catch us by surprise. And this is the teaching principle of Uranus..."

"But I don't know what to do. And even if I did, I don't have money now to start a business..."

"Oh? Have you been thinking of this for some time?"


And this is why she's gong through this transition. Taurus has a hard time adapting to CHANGE. I believe that her husband leaving, losing her job,and her home in jeopardy will be enough impetus for her to fight for what she wants and needs...

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