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Ok, Hank is a very handsome, Japanese guy. He's charming, elegant, refined, and absolutely a "chick" magnet.

He works in Wall Street and aspires to be a correspondent in the NETWORK T.V. OF SQUAWK BOX. A channel which deals with the daily trading activities of the stock market.

And what makes him a chick magnet is his INCOME!

Hank Pong Chang was born on June 8th 1967 in Japan. In NUMEROLOGY, the number 8 correlates to the astrological sign of SCORPIO which stands for SEX, MONEY, DEATH and the vice of CONTROL (of others).


He has a problem keeping a relationship. He doesn't know why his relationships don't work out.

"Talk to me, Hank"

"I don't know why women don't want anything to do with me!" He exclaimed

"What do you mean?" I probed

"they think I'm arrogant" He confessed, sheepishly.

"Are you?"

"A little bit..."

"And what does that accomplish for you?"

"it gives me an edge..."

" edge?" I frowned, looking at him hard.

"Women don't like 'nice guys', they prefer the 'asshole type', you know, the ones that abuse them, fucks them, and treats them like shit. Women like that, dude"

"I haven't met any that do..."

"But you're gay, what would you know about it?"

"Ah, yes, of course, because I'm same gender loving, I can't possibly know what is like to eat and fuck a "box" eh?"

"Hey, you said it"

"only because you had already endorsed it in your mind..."

"...true" He admitted

"And I assure you, that if you really knew me, I'm nothing like your prejudice suggests..."

"Ok, fair shot, I apologize..."

"Do you like women?"

"Dude, what kind of question is fucking that?"

"Well, do you?" I pressed

"Yeah!" He mused, bopping his head side to side, sarcastically

"Do you respect them?"

"What kind of question is that, dude?"

"I know quite a bit about the Japanese culture...and their treatment of women. Just to give you a heads up that this Westerner is "aware" of what's "up"

"I am who I am!"

"Good! Then you'll have no problem paying the consequences..."

"...wait...I don't want to fight. I really want to be with someone. You know, settle down..." His eyes becoming watery.

I felt sorry for him at this point. After all, I've been there myself-with both men and women...

"What can I do for you, Hank?"

"Just tell me what I need to do to change..."

"Your chart shows signatures of control;' did you learn that in order to love someone you need to control them?"

"Anyone that I chose to love leaves me!"

"You didn't answer the question..." I countered.

"I'm not ready to answer that..."

And that really put the 'nail in the coffin' for me.

Hank is not INTERESTED in changing, but wants to perpetuate the notion of superiority among the sexes...

Astrologically speaking, Hank is in FULL BLOWN mid-life crisis and is afraid of dying alone and unloved. He's 45 (the same age as I am!)

Everybody has their weak spot to deal with. Hank, unlike myself, has his weakness in the sighn of RELATIONSHIPS.

"Hank, you spend so much time trying to get others to validate you and love you that you forgot to LOVE YOURSELF"

"That's not true. I love myself. I look after me-"

"Only because others failed to look after you when they needed to..."

"...wait, how do you know that...?"

"...When was the last time you were hugged by someone you love?"

"What does that have to do with anything. You said you were an anthropologist, so you should know we Japanese don't do that..."

"Hey, you in America, the West, shouldn't you learn? After all, that's how we do things in the West..."

"True... can you tell me what my chart says about who I really am?"

"Sure, are you absolutely sure you want to know?"


You were born in 1967, in June, when certain planets were making some very serious and unusual aspects. Pluto, the ruler of SCORPIO and Uranus, the ruler of AQUARIUS were CONJUNCT in the sing of VIRGO; this alignment in 1967 was a RARE EVENT, and it set the tone for what would follow GENERATIONALLY "across the board".

"I also was born in 1967 and fall within this SOUL GROUP, so I understand your dilemma, Hank"

"You do?" His eyes widened, in disbelief

"Yes, I emphatically do..."

Hank is really a nice guy who got "caught up" in trying to be all things to all people without any regard for TRUTH.

He got 'caught up' in being a PHONY, in order to please those who might open doors for him, but never really giving him the opportunity to do so honestly.

But he never really OWNED IS OWN POWER, so others OVERPOWERED HIM... 

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