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HILARY: "you've got to work it"!

Like they say in Alcoholics Anonymous: "Keep working, it works if you work and you work it" (as the chant at the ending of a meeting goes).

Well, I gues you can say the same thing about anything. That's what Hilary Wilson says:

"Baby, you've got to 'work' it! I'm sixty three years old and dating guys as young and as cute as you!"

"Wow. really?"

"What?" She snapped

"No-I mean, really (smiling)?"

"I ain't a dried up old prune-you know!" She assured me

"Yes-I know!" I exclaimed

"Wouldn't you date me...?

I paused for a moment...

"Ah, well yeah, sure. I guess?" (I didn't want to lose her business now, let's get real here. I had to do what I had to do)

Hilary Wilson was born on January 16, in NUMEROLOGY # 7 correlates to the sign of LIBRA; it connotes INTELLECT, SUCCESS, BUSINESS, and the vice of CARPING HYPPOCRACY and MANIPULATION.


Looking at this picture (not the actual person, but a symbolic image of the true likeness of the client) you can SEE the Sagittarian "stature", coupled with the Capricorn "confidence" and the light hearted "don't bother me none" sassiness of the Gemini Moon; makes this "combo" PLUS the LIBRA signature of her birth DAY, quite a "package" for any man (let alone a 'guy') to handle!

"So what seems to be the problem? Why are we here today?"

"My mothafucking therapist says I have a problem with my communication skills"

"And how can I assist in proving or disproving this-but more importantly, what are you going to do with the information once you've received it?"

"Wait-wait that's too much!" She muttered

"...really, Seriously?!" I frowned,somewhat perplexed

"Yeah, seriously!" She shouted.

I don't know if she was excited or angry (she looks 'wired' almost all the time we've spoke in session)

"Ms. Wilson, is it necessary to speak with such intense passion?"

"Necessary?!" she cried

I knew it was a mistake the minute it left my mouth-but you know what they say-COMMUNICATION IS IRREVERSIBLE

"I meant. Your language..."

"...what about it?" She nodded, defensively

"Maybe that's what your therapist was alluding to..."


"Would you like to discuss it?"

No, man. I want to know if my chart says I have communication problems?!"

"Are you sure you want to spend that kind of money to know if you have a communication problem? Because I believe I can answer that for you-free of charge"

"Don't you sass me, young man!" She warned

"I Meant no offense"

"You're lucky you're a cutie"

"Thank you, now, tell, me. What is the nature of your case with the therapist. Is he a specialist?"

(I'm trying to find out if he's a psychiatrist. It might give me a clue to the state of her mental illness. Clearly, if you need a psychiatrist, then it MUST be serious...)

"You know you're charging me by the hour-I'm not made of money, you know..." She pressed.

Clearly this is the GEMINI MOON at work here. Mincing words, chicken pauses, being elusive. I don't believe ms.Wilson has a communication problem, but something else.

No I did not take this case, but she was "unforgettable" and that's definitely THE SAGITTARIAN ENERGY, expressing itself

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