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Jimella: "just tulips, please"

Jimela was born on the 27th of September 1987. Her ASCENDANT IS VIRGO, with a SAGITTARIAN MOON.

In NUMEROLOGY THE # 9 stands for TRANSFORMATION, COMPLETION, and the VICE of AVARICE. It correlates with the sign of SAGITTARIUS. (it is #9 in the series of 12 signs).

Jimella was involved in a CULT which was gaining much popularity in the United States in the early 80's. The Religious Cult of Sung Young Moon (their members are often referred as "moonies"). Jimella was born in San Fernando, The Phillipines and needed a visa to gain access to the United States (most moonie members that I interviewed were foreigners).

Almost all the members that I saw in the house in which I met Jimella (West Minster Rd, Brooklyn, New York) had immigration issues and that's how they got "trapped" in the cult (because many wanted to defect but couldn't due to fear of deportation; their leader held their passports).

I myself joined the cult for TWO YEARS (but as an Amerlcan, they had no choice but to "let me in", otherwise it would raise 'suspicion')

I leaned alot while I was in there and to this day still keep contact with certain members-including some regional leaders of the organization.

"So why did they call you the tulip girl?" I asked.

"because I refused to sell flowers or roses" She stated, blankly

"But why?" I pressed, "weren't you afraid of being punished?"

"What?! I wish they did! They would have seen one crazy bitch O.D on their asses!"

"And now that you are out-"

"Thank you-"

"What will you do now. How will you start over?"

"that's what I want you to tell me"

"Well, I can't tell you what to do but, according to the chart, you should take these two years to just thaw out. Relax, be kind to yourself now"

"I don't know how"

"really. Most Sagittarian Moon girls are quite opinionated. And with Virgo on the Ascendant you should have a double dose of self confidence-at least now you should".

" I don't know", she insisted.

"yes you do. You just have to think about it".

"Think about what?"

"What you've learned while being with them; what will you do differently now, and how has this experience changed you? Start with those contemplations..."

Libras, especially the women, are never completely sure of what course of action to take in a downward spiral relationship. Many do nothing, while others manipulate the situation. Like Lulah and Indra, Jimella, essentially, ran away from a troubled relationship in the Philipines and lo and behold, it caught up with her here.

I presume a similar fate will happen to these women if they only realize that they are their OWN UNIVERSE. And wherever they go,they take their UNIVERSE with them...

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