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Jose is an ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO HAS FALLEN FROM GRACE: Therefore will shall refer to him as "Jose" , He is Hispanic and has served as an elected official for the 10th municipal district for two consecutive terms (that's all I will disclose).

Jose was born on OCTOBER 12TH, 1967 in the city of Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic, and later, arrived as an immigrant to the United States (New York, specifically, in which he established his career in municipal politics).

In NUMEROLOGY the # 12th correlates to the sign of PISCES (it is the 12th sign in the zodiacal series) and also to the sign GEMINI (NUMBER 3 FROM 12), which stands for CREATIVITY, INTELLIGENCE, and the VICE of ENVY and/or JEALOUSY.


We've seen these signatures before in overly ambitious people determined to get to the top, regardless of how they get there!

"Why did you do it?" I asked him, while visiting him in jail

"Do what?", he stated blankly

"The charges, the allegations brought against you-I mean, it was s slam dunk, no?"

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I personally know you and, like everybody else, trusted you, that's why I'm here"

"What does it matter now. What's done is done. I don't see why you still press on speaking to me", he stated with a blankness to his face

"Did you really put your family-

"I don't want to talk about that, Fernando", he snapped

"Fine. let's talk about life behind bars. How's that like?"

"As much as you can expect, from a place like this..."

Life is not without a little bit of irony, you know. He is a Libra, the signs of the scales of Justice, behind the bars it is suppose to protect the innocent and condemn the guilty. This man was as elusive in this interview as a it is to catch a fish with your bare hands (which, depending on the fish, can be impossible to do)

An extremely attractive man (know in the Dominican Community as "baby face", because of his boyish good looks and brown skin)

It is those very same "good looks" (classical to Pisces, and eloquent to Libra) that got him into trouble, but also, gained the TRUST OF THE DOMINICAN PEOPLE-both in his private life (which was just as scandalous) and public life.

He certainly had the "gift of gab" (the Gemini vibration of his number 3), but the emotional and mental naivete of Pisces (because he got caught!). No doubt his Capricorn Moon play a role in deceiving the public; bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, and down right accounting fraud all fall within the demonic domain of a CAPRICORN MOON (in its lowest vibration, of course).

But many people forget that CAPRICORN is the sign of THE LAW GIVER, and will bring to justice the guilty and accused (regardless of circumstances and regardless of time).

Sooner or later, if you've DONE WRONG, and you have a CAPRICORN MOON, know that you will be caught in the end!

Jose is still doing Federal time with no possibility of parole...

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