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Juan Betancourt is from Puerto Rico, the city of Ponce. He was born September 19th (on my birthday!), 1951. In NUMEROLOGY #10 CORRELATES TO THE SIGN OF CAPRICORN (it is #10 in a series of 12 signs) AND TO THE # 1 WHICH CORRELATES TO THE SIGN OF ARIES (it is #1 in a series of 12 signs). He's a VIRGO with a SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT and a SCORPIO MOON AT 13 DEGREES

Many millionaire tycoons have been born on the 19th; O.J. Simpson, Nicole Simpson (not exactly tycoons, but still, members of "the club"), George Herbert Walker Bush (whose birth name adds up to the #19), Martha Michell (name adds up to #19), Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Eliot Ness (born on the 19th), to mention "just afew".

This man was extremely wealthy, and very intimidating-not so much because of his wealth (although that was enough), but because he had a racial attitude (and admitted it), which was very disappointing to know because the guy "looked" likeable (but was really a monster guised as a gentleman).

Not surprisingly, I refused to give my best to this type of person-regardless of the money.

But a close friend of mine that highly respects this man BEGGED ME to read him because his business was failing and he was terribly afraid of being poor. This man buys whole sale from my friend so it is in my friend's BEST INTEREST that anything value to add to his mental well being can lead to BETTER BUSINESS.

Fine, I consented...

"So what can you do for me?" He asked, brashly

"you tell me", I stated, blankly.

"I'm told you're good at what you do", he admitted

"I offer no guarantees"

"How could you. You're not a businessman. You're soothsayer"

"And why would you waste your time with a soothsayer?"

"look. I'm a businessman, if you want to endorse your energy in this "thing" that you do that's fine. You'll be more than compensated-not because I trust you, but because you came highly recommended. And that's what I'm banking on. No more no less"

"Thank you for keeping it real-and to reiterate, I make no promises or guarantees-clear?"

"fair enough", he signed

"What line of business are you in?"

"Shouldn't you be telling me that?"

"No. I shouldn't be", I stated, blankly.

"Why not?"

"Because your health is what caught my attention at the moment"

"That's not what I'm paying you for"

"Yeah, you are because it's affecting your business"

"...what do you mean. clarify", he stated, firmly.

"you are developing early stages of cardiac disease"

"Excuse me?"

"You would you like for me to repeat it?" I stated, evenly.

"You mean to tell me that you can see this in that piece of paper"

"Pieces, of paper, sir".

"you're a little arrogant fuck-aren't you?" He accused.

" attracts like..."

"What else do yo see?"

"Your moon, which defines the ebb and flow of business and governs the stock market trade and commodities-which you are into is moving into a difficult aspect"

"What do you mean, difficult?"

"The market will move "sideways" or in a series of "continuation patterns"


"The market is losing momentum and will stall. commodities will be especially affected"

"...I see, what else, please"

From then on, he made no more objections and carefully listened as he was able to verify with his broker exactly (and on the spot) what I was conveying to him. He was into trading coffee beans from Brazil. His company has a Valuation of five hundred million US dollars.

"So what are you suggesting I do?"

" You need to have a long talk with your broker-"

"Wait-wait! I want to take notes"

"Then you need to hire a technical analyst-and have him teach you the basic and logistics of technical analysis. You need to know how to predict and forecast the markets"

"I don't have time for that!"

"And herein lies the problem. If more investors took the time to learn the craft which is making them rich beyond belief, you'll have better control of your portfolios. This is why you have high blood pressure. You are not feeling its effects because you are too distracted with keeping up with your business. But the damage to your body is increasing. You should have those headaches checked out, soon"

"How did you know that"

"That's simple logic. If your blood pressure is high the walls of your blood vessels will swell up, setting the stage for a perfect stroke"

"So you're telling me-not in so many words, that as long as the market stalls-''

"or rally or correct itself"

"right, I be less stressed and able to be okay"

"But if you don't relax now. When things do get better, your body will be sufficiently damaged and your health may suddenly, and unexpectedly, take a turn for the worse"

"Anything else?"

"pay attention to your customers at these phases"

"So when is this lunation going to be over?"

"excuse me?" Shocked

"What? You think I'm ganna bank all my eggs on the opinions of one person. I dealt with astrologers before"

"I see-and I totally agree with you. By transit, this lunation will last only two and a half days. But as a progression, two and a half years to seven years-a full quarter phase"

"In your opinion. How should I best utilize this cycle-for both myself personally and for my business?"

"Have your business valuated once more and modify the margins of profit. Adjust the valuation to the current interest rate bonds and yields with a 5% guidance projection within that two and a half year to seven year cycle. Try to reevaluate your production costs and inventory storage-do not overbuy at this phase or you'll get stuck with devalued stock that you won't be able to 'dump' later"


I never saw him or heard from him again (later I found out he died in 9/11 when the Towers fell, thou not sure if his association with the towers related to his business)

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