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Larry works for housing and goes from building to building fixing pipes, installing sheet rocks, and foundations. He asked for a reading concerning his career options. He was born on September 10th, 1987. He's 24 going on 25 soon. In NUMEROLOGY # 1 correlates to the sign ARIES (it is number 1 in the series of 12 signs). 1 stands for LEADERSHIP, INITIATIVE, and the VICE of ANGER.

Doing charts for men is quite different than with women.

Men are more contemptuous towards you and don't respect you until you're done with the reading. They are in fact, "measuring my intelligence" and gauging it against theirs. Men do this. So I was prepared.

"I'm surprised you asked me to chart you. You don't seem the-"

"Fool type?" He mocked.

"You think I take people for being fools, Larry?"

"I'm entitled to my opinion", he stated, firmly.

"Yes you are, but not of insulting me in my own office", I said, evenly, looking at him straight in his eyes, "are we going to waste each others time now-cause I can't afford to, can you?"

"Let's get this over with then. My girlfriend swears by you"

"I can't say the same about her concerning you..."

"...Okay, I guess I deserve that", he stated, blankly.

It's always like this-always! It is almost a ritual practice. Men some how have to belittle you for them to feel better about coming to someone like myself-especially if they are "mandated" by their girlfriends (as is always the case, as quiet as it's kept).

This happens alot with STRAIGHT MEN. And the reason for this is that Psychics, Mediums (and not all, either), and Astrologers (for the most part)

deal with the EMOTIONAL BODY of the person (or soul). And men, especially the MACHO TYPE, won't bent towards EMOTIONAL RESPONSIVENESS because it makes them feel VULNERABLE.

And they don't know what to do with those feelings. So they have to employ "defenses" and they usually do this by expressing the OPPOSITE EMOTION, which is ANGER or CONTEMPT. That keeps these vulnerable emotions at bay.

Larry is also young and that adds to the ignorance and fear. he has a LIBRA ASCENDANT with a SAGITTARIAN MOON-and that makes him opinionated and prone to think that he is always right. He's extremely

fastidious and rather dull company-despite his handsomeness and attractiveness. His interpersonal communication skills are severely hampered by his constant inability to demonstrate patience, tact, and diplomacy.

It only took me FIVE MINUTES to look at the chart to see that this man needs to have his own business based on WHAT HE KNOWS ONLY. He's a carpenter. He should open a business doing that because working for someone else is clearly not working for him. He is constantly fighting with his bosses (which is why his girlfriend, on the sneak tip, gave me his info to examine the REAL PROBLEM)

Guys often don't have a CLUE that it is their girlfriends that supply the information to further analyze the situation.

"You should have your own carpentry business"

"I agree"

"You are young, so you can start now-but without incorporating and making it legal"


"You're not ready for that, Larry. You still need more to learn, In the meantime you can work as an independent contractor under the supervision of a construction company that would be willing to sponsor you or act as your mentor. That way you can learn, apply what you've learned, and not have to worry about liabilities and pitfalls of running a company like this on your own. It's ganna take time, Larry. I don't see this success happening now. It is not the proper cycle for it"

"...I see", he shrugged.

I never saw him again and his fiance, my friend, never commented about the reading...

Again, you gatta love it!

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