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LINUS: nostalgia

Linus, from Puerto Rico, age 67 is recently widowed. He's lonely, depressed, misses his late wife, all his children are grown and living their lives.

The antithetical tincture in his chart is REOPENING, which means he will have to start a new life without the things that were familiar to him (including people)

He has lived in Ponce, Puerto Rico all his life. His grand daughter wants him to live in New York.

He has developed great anxiety over leaving the life he has ever known-to go to the the UNKNOWN-to jump to the abyss...


He was born on Dec 3rd, 1942. In NUMEROLOGY the #3 CORRELATES to the SIGN GEMINI, the sign of COMMUNICATION, VERSATILITY, and the VICE of JEALOUSY.

He doesn't believe in astrology, and is a devout Catholic (the dominant religion in that island nation)

His daughter contacted me though this site and requested that I chart him to find out what was the underlying "motif" for his reluctance.

However, it DOESN'T take astrology to figure out what his anxiety is. His grand daughter, on the other hand, turns out to be THE PROBLEM.

"I don't want to leave my home!" He quailed

"You don't have to leave, if you don't want to!" I exclaimed

"But what do I do to live. To survive?" He cried

"You have to have the courage to face the unknown" I countered

"I don't have to leave my home in order to start over, do I?"

"You tell me..."

"Like the koki frog, if I leave this paradise, I will surely die!"

"Have you talked to your daughter, explain to her how you feel?"

"My daughter doesn't care about FEELINGS. It's beneath her..."

"She seems genuine about how she feels about you, thou. No?"

"That's guilt-that's all"

"You mean there's no remnant of 'truth' in her feelings for your own welfare?"

"I suppose there is..."


"I don't know, sometimes I feel she's only doing what's right, but not what's from her heart..."

"That may not be necessary, for now. Those feelings usually have a way of sorting themselves out. The important thing is that she's doing what's ethically and morally right. Feelings have nothing to do with that"

"of course they do!"

"Excuse me, you're right, they do. So what's the problem. Clearly she's expressing concern and care, enough to have you move in with her. And she has a husband; which, in our Hispanic Culture, it is usually a no-no to have another man there-even if he's family. Clearly she's willing to break tradition for you,no?"

"Only out of sense of duty-not because she really wants to"

"So what?"

"What do you mean 'so what'? What kind of therapist are you , anyway!"

"The one who gets to the truth of the matter-aggressively, if necessary. The truth is NEVER easy, nor is it COMFORTABLE, either. Otherwise, there be no cause for liars..."

"...And what's that suppose to mean?"

"I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. You might be a source of strength for your daughter, and may be...just maybe, she's masking it to look like it's you who needs her. Instead of the other way around. You did say she was recently divorced, right?"

"You really do listen more than you talk..I think I miss judged you. And for that. I do apologize..."

"You're not the first...and you certainly won't be the last. But thank you..."

He got the "point" and moved to New York a year later. By then, his daughter was ready to deal with the reality of her divorce, in which her father played a significant role in restoring her, emotionally.

Astrologically, the only noticeable ASPECT to Linus' chart was URANUS, crossing the ASCENDANT.

This explained the SUDDEN death of his wife, the move to New York, and the DIVORCE his daughter experienced.

Both Father and Daughter experienced SEPARATION in a SUDDEN, UNPREDICTABLE fashion.

And this is very Uranus...

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