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Never have I seen such a dynamic, powerful and entertaining PERSONALITY! (for her age category)

Our picture above fits this young beauty queen perfectly...

She's adorable, irresistible, and her songs are ACTUALLY GOOD!!!

She is a vanguard for her GENERATION and (like so many others), will be remembered for generations to come.

Public opinion this young lady has acquired ranges from being a "slut" to being "freaky", to being "free spirited" to "crazy" and a host of other stereotypes which fit young female performers of her genre.

Miley Cyrus' has a strong sense of "self" ( one degree Sagittarius Sun)

She also holds some very strong opinions and her "first thoughts" are usually "spot on" concerning anything and anyone.

Miley Cyru's Sun is located in the seventh house of relationships (both intimate and platonic ones).

She "asserts" her powerful and dynamic personality through the agency of other people (which can be challenging, but exciting and stimulating at the same time to both parties involved).

In her heart, mind, and soul, she truly "blossoms" more radiantly, more beautifully (and her talents soar even higher) when involved in an interpersonal relationship.

She is (or will be) a "ruthless" and "shrewd" business person who demands to be taken seriously.

The Sun/Moon is 5 degrees away from forming a square aspect which will complete the first quarter phase of the moon. This phase, among all others, will require "life altering" changes which will advance the "efforts" of the person in furthering "upward development".

Her mind is a penetrating, probing, insidious "intelligence" which conceals more than it reveals.

Upon looking at her, one is immediately "drawn in" by her powerful presence, and "bubbly personality". However, much is demanded on an interpersonal level. And work is dear and vitally important to her.

With Mars, the "god of war", in gentle, sensitive, and emotionally cardinal sign of Cancer at 27 Degrees, will act protectively, and fiercely towards those closest to her.

With mars in Cancer, her enemies (hard to think she would have any), must beware: for this beautiful morsel is a "fighter".

Her Ascendant is Taurus and Gemini, astrologers consider this signature an "in-between cusp" aspect.

People born "in-between" cusps are usually very attractive looking people. The positive aspect to her Mars from her ascendant lends her remarkable stamina and endurance, which aids her in the rigorous schedules and routines and physical demands which are required to put forth good performances on stage.

Over work and preoccupation with interpersonal concerns or "issues" can be "iffy" (if not handled with respect to oneself; speaking about "self preservation", and if involved romantically; respect and consideration towards the partner).

With Jupiter in Libra at 8 degrees (there goes that degree again), business relationships will be "most profitable" (and that's on a bad day; imagine on a "decent day", compared to a "good day")

As far as her interpersonal, romantic comment (in respect to her privacy).

Her discipline and responsibility to herself, family and ( because she's a public figure) her fans will be repeatedly and periodically "tested" against the "moral compass" which society demands everyone adheres to: Ms. Miley Cyrus will be no different and "accountability" will always be demanded of this young performer.

Saturn, the "law giver", the "task master" and the "lord of Karma", is in the sign of Aquarius at 13 degrees (there goes that signature again!)

In respect to Ms. Cyrus' privacy, we will not delineate further, but turn now to more general, generic, interpretation (in the lines of the other celebrity charts we have on our website).

There is a predominance of water, suggesting a rich emotional inner life.

There is a predominance of cardinal emphasis, suggesting a prominent life in which success in her own particular community is likely or worldwide (as is the case).

There is a predominance of cadent emphasis, suggesting HIGH CREATIVITY, inflection, and the ability to "look back" and evaluate past experiences.

The final depositor of the horoscope is Saturn, suggesting a life of trials and lessons to be learned with or without the cooperation of the native; maturity and wisdom spawning at later years...

There is a mutual reception between the planets URANUS and SATURN;

interestingly, both planets rule the sign of AQUARIUS (in classical astrology).

Not much explanation has been given to the signature of a MUTUAL RECEPTION.

We will explain it here in depth...

Uranus rules Aquarius while Saturn rules Capricorn. In a mutual reception, both planets "exchange rulership": Uranus is in Capricorn while Saturn, Capricorn's natural ruler, resides in Aquarius.

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