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Sally was born on March 6, 1982. In NUMEROLOGY # 6 stands for BALANCE, CLASS, BEAUTY and the vice of CRUELTY AND GREED. This number correlates to the astrological sign Libra and Venus (Libra is # 6 in a series of 12 signs).

Sally is 30 years old and has already experience both her first LUNATION (age 26) and her first SATURN RETURN CYCLE. Sally is Japanese descent, but was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. Sally is beautiful, smart, and quite elegant when she wants to be. In her birth chart her SATURN RETURN CYCLE occurred in LIBRA. The sign of cooperation, harmony, and diplomacy

Sally has NONE of these characteristics. She's rude, cold, insensitive, and quite brash. It is intense dealing with her. But deep down inside there is a vulnerable little girl who is terrified of the world around her.

"Tell me, Sally, how was your environment growing up?" I asked, curiously.

"There's nothing to tell. everything was fine", she stated, blankly.

"Where did you grow up again?"

"Syracuse, why?"

"I've been to Syracuse-in fact, I applied to Cornell"

"Oh, yeah. I heard of Cornell. Fine University"

"Too cold, I ended up in New England for college-much warmer"

"I can imagine"

"Not that much warmer, thou..."

"...Are you going somewhere with this?"

"Well, let's are Japanese American in a very Anglo environment. Upstate New York can be a dangerous place-for certain people, you know?"

"Yeah, I know"

"And you still going to sit there and tell me that growing up was, how can I put this...non eventful? I mean you must have been quite an exotic morsel-don't you think?"

" I like your choice of words", laughing, "what does my chart say, dude?"

"The chart shows that there was conflict growing up in the home environment. lots of angry emotions and unresolved business"

"That's true of every family, dude-gimmi my money back!"

"Sure, but before I do. Don't you think you should complete the rest of your time with me, since I'm giving you your money back-let me 'entertain you'"

"You're a mother fucker, you know that?" Smiling

"Hey, I have to be, otherwise pretty women like you will take a guy like me and have a field day"

"But you're gay!"

"And? Just because I'm same gender lovin' don't mean I'm dead!"

She laughed and I laughed, but it broke the ice and she was able to disclose the situation which occurred in her home-which, I already had suspected, was turbulent. Father yelled and curse like a sailor and so did her mother. She later transferred this behavior to her environment and made this dysfunction her social matrix (albeit pathological).

Her SATURN RETURN, has made her once and for all, CORRECT THIS SOCIAL FLAW. She can better communicate with people and probably entertain a NORMAL INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with another human being.

contrary to popular belief, you should NEVER FIT THE BIRTH CHART TO THE SITUATION. Find out the SITUATION FIRST, then present the chart.

This way, you know for sure how the client is USING HIS OR HER PLANETS (and avoid the pitfalls of self-fulfilling prophecy)

In other words, is she letting the PLANETS RULE HER (by surrendering control of her life to a power OUTSIDE OF HERSELF, including astrology, which many people often do)? Or is she in SYNCHRONICITY with the planets?

Very important.

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