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Sally was born in Russia. This is not her real name. Her real name is Ivanovna Crushack. And this image, which took me six weeks to find really portrays a similatude to the actual person (all photos are representation of the clients since they don't want their real pictures in the entry).

She was born on February 19th, a Pisces. In NUMEROLOGY THE # 10 AND # 1 both correlate to CARDINAL SIGNS, ARIES and CAPRICORN.

Sally, as she is called by her clients, operates a Russian Escort Service in Brooklyn, New York. She is very successful (#10 vabration of CAPRICORN), and a true ROLE MODEL for many young females who want to be business minded and develop independent careers for themselves (# 1 vibration of ARIES, the pioneer).


Pisces is a very difficult sign to "figure out". Like Virgo, it can hide under many "guises" never really truly revealing their true essence.

Her ASCENDANT is also ARIES with a TAURUS MOON. Sally has been doing this business in her native country in the city of St. Petersburg Russia. And is the only vocation she has ever done, never working for anyone or relying on anyone to give her a hand with ANYTHING. She is very proud of her progress-although she would hardly call it success.

Still, Ivanovna wanted more out of life, out of herself. She wanted to top herself and reach high ideals. Of course, you wouldn't know it if you meet and talk to her for a while. This woman is all business.

The Taurus Moon is excellent for business. The woman hardly spends any money on herself, but accomplishes a lot for her community.

"I thought escort services in New York were illegal, no?" I inquired

"No, that's a common misconception people have that this business is wrong, immoral and illegal, bu it's not" She stated, firmly.

"Still, it has a stigma in this country and, not to mention, very dangerous"

"You have no idea what danger is, living in your cozy America"

"Actually, I do. I am a man of color and in this country you might as well have leprosy than to be a Black Man or a Man of Color, period. So trust me, I know danger and have come face to face with it afew times in my life".

"Perhaps you're right. This is why I came to you because you would understand-coming from oppression yourself"

"Tell me, why do they call you sidewalk Sally?"

"I use to walk the streets, you know, at night, to support myself and to save for a business of my own, since I, as a woman, couldn't do this in Russia, and keep my own money. I wanted my own money and not share it with anyone who didn't help me. I save for ten years all my earnings. But I would help those in need and would end up giving up most of my money for poor neighbors who had nothing to eat or support themselves..."

"This musta taken you many years to start up again and again"

"Yes, but then I decided to loan money at special rates to local businesses-

"you mean like a bank does?"

Yes, I was able to lend money to local people, then I gravitated to more solid businesses who needed money to make improvements"

"How much interest were you charging on your return?"

"alot" , giggles, then turning serious, "I'm sorry I don't discuss my financial affairs with anyone-even you, Mr. Prudhomme"

I wasn't offended because I knew that this was an instinctual response to being controlled and manipulated by men (in her past).

In an instant, her demeanor changed when I inquired about her finances, becoming very business. Amicable, but stern in her countenance.

This is very much in keeping with the TAURUS MOON. Being a sidewalk "lady of the night" wasn't enough. She became a "loan dolphin" (as opposed to shark, she wasn't out to exploit, but to aid).

Sally ended up helping alot of people, until tragedy struck and her brother was mysteriously murdered.

"I took that as a sign to leave the country. At first, I did not want to go to America. But in Russia doing this brings disgrace to the family and I think my brother was a casualty"

"How did this make you feel?"

"Angry, but determined to succeed..."

I never saw Sally again. But knowing her, she probably conquered Europe by now. She was indeed, one of the most interesting persons I've ever met-and extremely brave!

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