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There are many websites pertaining to 2012 and the great cataclysm that supposedly is heading our way.

Well, if there is to be any cataclysm at all, a key to how it would manifest would be what's happening NOW with our WEATHER.

In catholic school and later public christian schools and colleges (like Sacred Heart University or the University of St. John's) I was taught that when Jesus comes it will be like a "THIEF IN THE NIGHT"

Well, a thief will not let you know he's coming to rob you; Or, he'll come while you are asleep and rob you blind. The point is that YOU WON'T SEE HIM OR 'SENSE' HIM COMING, OR ALREADY WITHIN YOUR MIST. To me, that's what I get out of it. I welcome you to postulate this yourselves and see what you can come up with?

A meteor is the ONLY extraterrestrial object THAT CAN COME FROM NOWHERE-AND IMPACT US (like a thief in the night!)

In the new testament it states that when the Son of Man comes, it will be a gray day, a dark, dreary day.

In the book of Isaiah, chapter, I believe, is 24/5 states how God will affect the earth by making it "still" and placing it (the planet) "upside down" (yes, this is in the bible. creepy stuff in there...)

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a POLE SHIFT or POLE REVERSAL to me-you tell me...

Our SEA LEVEL is INCREASING at ALARMING RATES due to the warming of the POLAR CAPS, adding EXTRA BILLIONS OF GALLONS OF FRESH WATER INTO THE OCEAN'S CURRENTS (thus disrupting the Conveyer belt which coils like a number 8, from North to South poles. This out pouring of FRESH WATER into our OCEANS will disrupt and create UNUSUAL WEATHER PATTERNS, which we are seeing now...)

There are more TORNADOES, and occurring in places where normally there wouldn't be weather conditions for them, than ever before.

The state of Texas HAS NEVER had a TORNADO hit DALLAS in all of America's young history!

And of course, let's not forget about the earthquakes-which are happening with much more frequency and intensity.

I personally don't believe in the 2012 hype, this is just another WAG THE DOG or SHOCK DOCTRINE Principle in operation. The government is getting ready to do something and WANTS TO DISTRACT US by endorsing this 2012 doomsday scenario crap.

You can see this now with the incoming presidential elections, and the republican's systemic and consistent "sabotage" of the American Political Process, because they don't want a BLACK MAN in office-learn from this folks! (if we are willing to do that to our own, IMAGINE WHAT WE'LL DO TO OTHERS!!!)

Like I said before, if there is going to be a great cataclysm, WE WILL CAUSE IT! (and of course, blame Nature for it).

That to me, makes more sense than anything else. Why? Because as a Nation, WE'VE DONE THIS BEFORE!!!

The question you must ASK yourself is, WHAT, AS A NATION, ARE WE UP TO?

Presidential Candidate, Romney wants to build a BIGGER MILITARY! For what? WHAT ARE THE PLUTOCRATS GETTING READY TO DO NOW???

I don't know about you, but it can't be of ANY BENEFIT to you and me now, is it?

Sorry for digressing, but believe it or not this discussion has a lot to do with our current weather conditions.

All the constant WARS and ASSAULTS ON THE GROUND is causing SHOCKWAVES INTO THE MANTEL OF THE EARTH; This is coming back to us as TREMORS AND EARTHQUAKES, below 7.4 on the scale.

The CO2 elevation in our atmosphere HAS NOT DECREASED (China, for instance, knowing the global problem of CO2 levels, STILL CONTINUES TO BURN COAL as its source of ENERGY!)

And of course, don't FORGET about the billions of GALLONS of OIL SPILLS into our Oceans. Please, please, PLEASE-DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!!!

If you like SEAFOOD, or something as simple as fish, MAY NOW become DETRIMENTAL for you; consuming seafood NOW (and I love seafood, but I ABRUPTLY STOPPED EATING IT)

So much is happening in our Oceans that I'm skeptical of eating anything from the SEA. And you should be, too!

I suggest that we get into the HABIT of boiling our drinking water, then refrigerate it-just to be safe. I come from a third world country and KNOW the importance of this. We can't trust our irrigation and sewage systems anymore. Our own pipes and aqueducts are in need of SERIOUS REPAIRING!

Geysers and thermal vents spewing gases from within the earth's oceans is also the REASON for the sudden deaths of fish floating to coastal surfaces, along with other marine life.

But let me keep it scientific, for now.

THINK ABOUT IT: If there is more frequent earthquakes (and there are!), NOT ALL OF THEM ARE HAPPENING ON THE SURFACE, BUT BELOW, ON THE OCEAN FLOOR!

Science has PROVEN THAT OUR OCEANS ARE BECOMING MORE ACIDIC, due to gas emissions such as Hydrogen Sulfide, high doses of CO2, Sulfur and Methane (and their isotopes) which are exponentially INCREASING!

But what I find more fascinating and FRIGHTENING, is the information that's coming out of the scientific community in reference to our MOON!

The Moon, according to scientists, is moving ONE INCH every ONE AND 1/2 YEARS AWAY FROM THE EARTH!

This is not new. The moon, historically speaking, has been moving away from the earth for thousands-even millions of years.

Why is this important? The moon GOVERNS OUR WEATHER.

How? The earth has a WOBBLE on its axis; scientists call this PERTUBATION.

The planet MARS, AND VENUS also have this pertubation, however, because they don't have a MOON, the axis of both these planets have very irregular wobbles in space-which, by the way, explains why they don't have any atmosphere or electromagnetic currents.

The moon keeps the earth from wobbling out of control, through its sydonic movement. The tilt is 23.5 degrees; which also CREATES OUR SEASONS; the moon keeps this STEADY SYDONIC MOVEMENT in place. But, the ONE INCH PER YEAR MOVEMENT AWAY FROM THE EARTH, will affect the sydonic-binary movement of the earth within its orbit. This WILL cause our planet to wobble at extreme oscillations, which will, ADVERSELY AFFECT our WEATHER PATTERNS.





 The scene in Queens, with all those houses, BUT especially in Staten Island, those houses under water. It looked like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans!

Who can forget that horrific scene of the ENTIRE CITY under water-with so many dead and missing!

And that fire that consumed over 200 homes in Breezy Point-absolutely terrifying!

100 BILLION DOLLARS in damages!


Not to the VICTIMS of this storm, BUT AS A COUNTRY AS A WHOLE!

And TRUST, more is coming...

Now, I won't go the spiritual route because MOST AMERICANS "seem" not to really trust in such philosophies (until a crisis hits us!)

So I'll go the SCIENTIFIC and STATISTICAL route.



If you think this tragedy only happened in the United States, you're WRONG.

Only what's happening in the United States is what's REPORTED.

Over 400 HUNDRED people in the Island nation of CUBA perished.

Over 150 HUNDRED people in the Island nation of HAITI perished,

Over 105 HUNDRED people in the Island nation of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


TEN died in the Island of Tortuga


AND 23 in the Island nation of JAMAICA

AND WELL OVER 500 MILLION DOLLARS in damages (and counting)

And then, there are "those" who are unreported or undocumented which adds to the hundreds (this is more than what's reported on the global national census)

And yes, this is by DESIGN. Governments all over the world do not want people to panic about the SERIOUSNESS of the matter.

Now, don't get me wrong or misunderstand me, I am certainly not a DOOMSDAY ENTHUSIAST.

I am only presenting the EVIDENCE.

We KNOW our Earth is WARMING UP, but what are the MECHANISMS involved that's causing our earth to ALTER its CLIMATE? (you may ask...)

The answer is simple, we STILL USE CARBON FUEL (not the United States, specifically, but countries like China, are still burning fossil fuel and coal!)

THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT which we have created, is now working against us by heating or WARMING the earth.

But this fact in and of itself, is not enough in the attempt to UNDERSTAND

what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING to our climate.

The reality is, we don't FEEL that much WARMER (or cooler, for that matter) today than we did twenty years ago-minus or plus a few record temperatures at either scale from time to time...

"So what's the big deal, anyway..."

The BIG DEAL is in our WEATHER.

That's the SILENT KILLER no one is paying ATTENTION to...

And it's already catching us by surprise...


Hurricane Patricia




The image below is suitable because the weather conditions resemble that of a TROPICAL CLIMATE...

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