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I personally don't believe ANYONE is ugly. Even I have been accused of going out with unattractive people (both women and men). But to me, beauty RADIATES from WITHIN-and that's what makes the OUTER APPEARANCE SEEM ATTRACTIVE.

But one must be careful, because beauty, like anything else, MUST BE WORKED FOR (and those that already have it MUST MAINTAIN IT)

There's no such thing as a FREE RIDE or a FREE LUNCH (this is true).

And such is the case of this woman who does not want to include her picture nor a representation of what she looks like.

Her name is Betty Ambriose, from New Jersey. She's 36 and is in her JUPITER RETURN CYCLE (which simply means she'll have a very good year, if all is equal).

She was born on the 15th of August,1980. In NUMEROLOGY # 6 correlates to the sign of TAURUS/LIBRA with VENUS as the RULING PLANET. It stands for LOVE, CLASS, BALANCE and the vice of APATHY and INDIFFERENCE. She a LEO with a SCORPIO MOON and a CAPRICORN ASCENDANT

"So, what's up?" I asked

"I want one of those charts that you do on past life?"

"...Yes?" I nodded

" I can pay cash-on the spot!" She smiled, bitting her lower lip, as if I

wouldn't go for it

"I'm afraid is not that simple" I admitted

"oh, I don't understand", she confessed, seeming confused

"I't depends on what you want answered and if it can be answered in this way", I advised

"In what other way would this be done?"

"A hypnotic regression might be more beneficial and less time consuming"

"But that depends if I'm susceptible to being hypnotized,no?"

"Yes, this is true. And in that respect it would be far more expensive, and although I have done regressions in the past, they are dangerous and far more riskier. I don't do them anymore unless it is absolutely necessary",I admitted

"Well let me first tell you what I want, okay?"

"okay, what would you like to have answered in a past life chart?"

"Why am I ungly? What did I do?" And began to weep

" I don't think you're ugly"

" I didn't ask for your opinion!"

"Yet you can ask me to answer why you are ugly?"

"That's right. Is there a problem?"

"Not at all. That'll be 650 dollars for the first two hours plus an initial 200 dollars "on the spot" fee, please..."

Yes, she had to go to an atm an get more money. This type of person is a MONSTER, very well 'guised' as a "seemingly caring human being".

But as her birthday suggests, she was born on the 15TH ( in occult phylosophy, th e#15 corresponds to the DEVIL).

And I know plenty of people born on the 13th and 15th of any month and are quite RUTHLESS and CRUEL (this never fails!), but only when they have to be. Many of these people don't even REALIZE HOW INTENSE THEY COME ACROSS!

It has to be their way or the highway!

That was an "easy" kill because it was obvious why she was considering herself ugly. It was a reflection of her own inner ugliness, as embodied by the scorpion moon. The vibration of her #6 wants to make its impact, but under an insecure and doubful personality (the Capricorn Ascendant). Her attitude, of course, is her arrogance (which is clearly a Leo vice)

and that was that! (but I was fair, and left her consultation open for a YEAR, in which she would not have to pay additional fees. And I would answer any question she would have-and genuinely give a shit)

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