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Yocasta; A saint at heart.

Unfortunately, Yocasta, a 22 year old from the Dominican Republic, doesn't thinkso.

Look at those Gemini eye lashes! Born on June 4th, 1990. In NUMEROLOGY # 4 correlates to the planet SATURN (even thou the sign of CANCER falls 4th on the series, the vibration of this number correlates to the CAPRICORN/CANCER POLARITY).

It also stands for INDUSTRY, BUSINESS, and the VICE of CONTROL.

"I'm really a saint at heart!", she lamented

"What do you think the problem is?"

"I don't know. I really don't know!

"Not much I can do with 'I don't know' answers. I can't say I like them much either..."

"Will the birth chart reveal why people think I'm such a bitch?"

To this day I don't know (no pun intended), if she was trying to be smart with me. But to answer her question, yes. The horoscope CAN SHOW very specifically, too, why people think she's such a bitch.

I commented on the eye lashes, but the EYES tell the story. Don't you see it?

That stare pierces with INTENSITY! SCORPIO IS ON THE ASCENDANT (at 8 degrees, there goes that number again!)

To tell you the truth-I was scare of her myself! She oozes with piercing, silent, INTENSITY. Clearly a Scorpio signature-and she has a SCORPIO MOON!

Part of the problem with Yocasta is that she APPEARS like she's more than she is. The fact of the matter is that she is a 'simple house wife'

And yes, there's nothing 'simple' about being a housewife(husband), but so many people PROJECT high expectations on Yocasta-simply because she gives off an 'AURA' of GREATNESS.

I mean no offense here, but GEMINI isn't interested (for the most part) in that kind of INTENSITY and DEPTH like Scorpio does.

Geminis take life with a GRAIN OF SALT.

Scorpios, on the other hand take life HEAD ON, molding it, manipulating it, transforming it, and finally discarding it. Scorpios are concerned with the bottom line and Geminis (if they can AVOID it) run from the bottom line.

I had to take a minute and explain this paradox because it is at the root of Yocasta's problem

Obviously her Ascendant is much stronger than her SUN SIGN, and that can happen! (And let's not forget her SCORPIO MOON which sits right on the ascendant-fueling the fire!)

Geminis are considered to be tricksters, pranksters, and love to sometimes play MIND GAMES and WORD GAMES with people, sometimes fully deserving to whom they are doing it to, and sometimes not so deserving (out of jealousy) towards them for some reason that's only justifiable to Geminis.

And even thou Yocasta is young, and she's just a 'simple house wife', when she reaches 27 or 29, trust me, life will catch up and before you know, she will be a doctor or a lawyer or some high profession (which she keeps private).


Yocasta has CHANGED, and has acquired a NEW LOOK!

"My God! You look fantastic!" I exclaimed

"Thank you! I think I do too..." She smiled, gleefully.

"So tell me, what gives?"

"Well, I had a makeover. It was time", she reasoned.

"You look absolutely amazing. You really do!"

"I know I know. You said that already..." laughing.

"So what brings you by after seven years of not hearing from you..."

I enquired.

"I want a reading. everything you said has come to pass, word for word..."

"I'm delighted to hear it", I grinned (I couldn't help it. it feels good to be right! And with Astrology, it's always a "mixed bag").

"My Saturn Return Cycle has not brought me what you had proposed, however..."

"Oh?" I blanched

"Well, yeah. You said I would be set and on my way. The fact of the matter is that I still don't know what to do-anymore now then when I first came to you. You said I would have it figured out by the Saturn Return cycle; but I haven't thou..."

YEAH, IT HAPPENS...and I had to come up with a solution QUICK, or else I would lose CREDIBILITY!

"Actually, the Saturn Return Cycle is the BEGINNING of a new EXPERIENCE. It doesn't MANIFEST, as an END RESULT, right away. The Saturn Return Cycle is a TRANSMUTATION PROCESS which happens "slowly", but deliberately, for sure..."


"If I may (continue); this transmutation process occurs first in the PERSONALITY of the person. And you look completely different than the shy, inhibited woman who first walked into my office"



"With this new "look", you will be able to ATTRACT that which will bring you to the NEXT LEVEL. But change has to occur first, with the EGO, and the PERSONALITY. This will OPEN DOORS now to NEW OPPORTUNITIES which will send you on your way..."

"okay, I'll buy it..."


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