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Maple,"Hell on wheels"

Maple is 57 years old. She has gone through her SECOND SATURN RETURN CYCLE. A grandmother and great grandmother, Maple is a retired short order cook in a Midwestern diner in Temple, Arizona. She raised four boys on her own when her husband was killed by a drunk driver (he was 29-that was his Saturn Return. Some souls come here for a short period of time).

Maple was 21 years old at the time and with four young boys.

"What did you do?"

"I was very decisive about what I did" She confessed

"I know!" I exclaimed, "Did you have any help from family and friends?"

"Not at the beginning, no. Remember, Fernando, I was the new kid on the block. I was originally from Darien, Connecticut. My family didn't like my boyfriend because he was Hispanic and therefore not of our "element" if you know what I mean"

"Yes, I do. I went to school in Connecticut. It was, as I remember it in the 80's a very affluent place"

"It certainly isn't that way anymore"

"oh, yes, I know that, too. But didn't your family make a concession-given the circumstances of your then husband?"

She made a sigh, "What does it matter now? They're dead, my kids are grown with families of their own. It's a different world today..."

"And what prompts your visit today?"

"Well, as you know. I've worked my whole life since age 21. Dedicated my life to raising my children-and don't get me wrong, it was very rewarding, considering that all my sons are professionals now"

"For the record, can you tell me what they do?"

"Bobby, my oldest is a doctor, Jim is a gym teacher, my middle son Lewis is an insurance salesman for Primerica Financial Services, and my youngest just landed a job in Japan as a systems engineer"

"That's quite an accomplishment!"

"But I'm lonely. I haven't had a man since my husband died-and we're talking a good thirty plus years now"

"Yeah, I can Imagine..." I breathed

"Is there anything in that chart of yours that let's me know I'll get laid soon?"

I love what I do! Seriously, where else am I'm ganna get these types of experiences?! Maple is a Cancer, born on July 16th.


But Maple has sacrificed her whole life. Never finished a high school education, and did nothing for herself and everything for others. This certainly is NOT reflective of the number 7, but 12th (which corresponds to Pisces, the sign of the SACRIFICIAL LAMB).

And of course, her ASCENDANT is PISCES, with a VIRGO MOON.

That explains it!

Maple is YET to express the VIBRATION of the # 7. She NEEDS to be SELFISH, she NEEDS to feed her INTELLECT, and that WILL BRING SUCCESS (and in this particular case, a relationship; which, the # 7 ALSO RULES!)

She has always been talking about opening a BUSINESS (another # 7 VIBRATION).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she and her new man could do this together? But where would she meet him?

"Okay, so you're lonely-

"And horny, don't forget horny, baby"

"So you need two guys, really. You need one to satisfy an immediate sexual release, which you haven't truly enjoyed in over thirty years, and you need to cultivate a permanent one for your long term needs-correct?"

"Any suggestions?"

"Actually, yes. Go to school, become socially involved"

"is that what the chart says?"

"Absolutely, it does-and not so much for yourself, but to expose others of the 'school of life' which you cannot learn in a classroom. You will be, indirectly, influencing a new and younger generation of thinkers. They will learn from you more than you can ever learn from them. Think about it. Intelligence is attractive, any man will go for that"

"they better because my tits and pussy are almost dried up", She laughed.

...A little too much information...

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