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The planet that crosses the Meridians on...


Date: Dec 22, 2012  | Time: 6:00 AM | Location:


The Birth Chart of the United States, although we cannot display it here (you can reference it on, will be heavily scrutinized month by month. We will remain

vigilant and will consult with other astrologers all over the world concerning not only the chart of the United States, but will encourage the monitoring of celestial events in their own countries. And, exchange that information.

We will focus on all planets but we will pay closer attention to the outer PLANETS since they can cause the most "accumulative impact."

The phases of the MOON will also be observed.

The FIXED STARS will also be observed and their relative strength index (RSI) calculated. We will be very straight forward and our goal will be to debunk any "doomsday scenario" and publish that which carries a GLOBAL CONSENSUS AMONG ASTROLOGERS.

The Astronomical Community has THEIR TOOLS, and we have OUR TOOLS, hopefully, both sciences can work together in bringing enlightenment to our respective audiences.

Astrological jargon will not be a part of our entries. The general public wouldn't understand and this website is exclusively for the layperson to comprehend.

The concept of NATURAL DISASTERS and their apparent CYCLES will also be explored. This website will keep TRACK of weather patterns up-and- until Dec 22, 2012 and afterwards.

The process of mathematically calculating our findings will not be published here, either.

Only the bottom line will be published.

I looked at hundreds of websites similar in AIM to what we are trying to accomplish here. And, quite frankly, they are very boring, elusive and you can be EASILY lost in the jargon. Some astrologers write as if the lay person is cognizant and well versed in astrology. These websites never get the full IMPACT that they would love to receive from their audiences precisely because they don't seem to value brevity and simplicity. And you need to be as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, in order to reach the masses (which, statistically speaking, is not too inclined to ACTIVELY THINK of what they are reading...)

However, if you desire the specifics as to how we arrive at the information, it can be delivered-via e-mail to you-if time permits.

On January 2012, the PLANET PLUTO (which rules the sign of Scorpio) will be opposing the SUN in CANCER (the astrological sign of the United States). This in itself doesn't mean much, but the fact that PLUTO is traversing the eight house, simultaneously opposing the income house (2nd) of the country suggests a breakdown of WALL STREET and the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS.

This can take place gradually as the opposition becomes EXACT (in astrological degrees of arc), or quite suddenly (if the planet goes retrograde right before it approaches the exact numerical degree of the opposition, then going back forward motion; the "slingshot" EFFECT will be sudden, intense, and long lasting).

PLUTO in CAPRICORN (the sign of government) will be in this position until March 25th or thereabouts, 2023-plenty of time for the financial giants of the world (the United States and the EUROPEAN BANKING SYSTEM) to completely collapse. And this has happened before (and we will discuss that CYCLE later). 

If we study the FUNDAMENTALS, we see the BANKS in EUROPE in big trouble. Greece's economy is on the brink of collapse-France is in no better shape with over 7% of their banks in the red, Italy has just been DOWNGRADED FINANCIALLY (going into double AA rating), along with the UNITED STATES, Portugal and Spain are in need of serious economic restructuring-and the Germans can't bail out EVERYONE. The prospects don't look good!

Asia and China started out with a bang as EMERGING MARKETS, and now they are beginning to realize that they've reached OVERBOUGHT status too quickly.

Japan's yen is so strong that they have to UNDERSELL the currency because they can't compete with the world EXPORT TRADE MARKETS due to the high value of the yen; and their economy, after the tsumani and earthquake, has really placed them at an economic disadvantage.

And of course, The American People, in the United States are in a state of "shock" and "denial" about their own situation and FATE here at home. Congress is more divided than ever before, and we look like FOOLS to the rest of the WORLD.

For starters...

MARS, the PLANET of war will be crossing the nadir (tapping into the nation's collective unconscious and/or subconscious). Don't be surprised if fights, uprisings, and massive layoffs and unemployment may reach a peak within a three month period-then again a month or two and thereafter, reverse direction again, crossing the same astrological degree and back, for another three months (going into July of 2012). We are certainly seeing the BEGINNINGS of these events NOW.

As far as FIXED STARS are concerned, during the month of December 22nd through the 23rd, the following FIXED STARS will rise;

But before I proceed, let's cover a few "observable laws"

Let's say, for example-and hypothetically, when you get up in the morning you can "see" the SUN (rising). Imagine, for a moment, that the SUN continues to rise-right into space (let's also pretend, for a moment, that you can see this). You would expect the SUN (from day to night) to begin descending back down to our "eye-view" on the HORIZON. When a STAR has "permanent curtailed passage," what this simply means is that the STAR doesn't "rise or set," but keeps orbiting above or below the earth's circumpolar axis (without touching the HORIZON-and therefore out of "view ", but not its influence")

This astronomical concept is very important to understand. It means that the STAR'S "influence" is "unfelt" upon the earth (or its inhabitants)-because the STAR doesn't come down low enough to the earth's HORIZON AND OR MERIDIANS (the "platform" in which mundane life takes place)

In FIXED STAR astrology (an ancient art no longer in practice today because of its mathematical complexity and calculations), STARS have mundane meanings assigned to them by the ancients (each STAR is connected or associated to a particular mythology). Not all FIXED STARS have "permanent curtailed passage," however.

The FIXED STARS that do rise and set, do so in three phases: a STAR rises (for purposes of "simplicity" let's say 6:00am), culminates (at about 12:00noon), and sets (7:00pm; when a STAR sets, we may or may not lose sight of it).

When a FIXED STAR rises in early morning hours (and this goes for planets, as well), if you're awake (and are in the right location) you can go outside or pop your head out the window and actually "see" the STAR'S MAGNITUDE (brightness; note, in astronomy, this is measure as 1,2,3, or 4-wtih 4 being the least brightest, and 1 being very bright and very visible,like SIRIUS, our morning STAR)

When the STAR "culminates" at noon time, it is said to have a phase of "Arising and lying hidden."

This makes sense because our SUN'S light "blocks" our view of deep space and everything in it during daylight hours (but note, this definition: Arising and Lying hidden" is a little more complex to visually explain, but for purposes of SIMPLICITY we will use the term for the above example-but know that it is more complex than this)

If a meteor were to hit the earth in the daytime, we would not be able to "see" it from space, heading towards us because it lies "hidden" by the sunlight-until impact (eventually we'll see it burning as it enters our atmosphere).

One more rule that we must cover is the concept of HELIACAL RISINGS and ACRONYCAL SETTINGS OF STARS. In the early morning hours, at the crack of dawn, sometimes one can see observable stars. Any STAR close to the HORIZON before the SUN rises will be considered the HELIACAL RISING STAR. When the SUN sets, and we can see the early evening stars, the brightest one closer to our HORIZON upon descent of our SUN will be considered the ACRONYCAL SETTING STAR (we can see the STAR'S MAGNITUDE well after the SUN has set. Again, this, too, is being SIMPLIFIED. There's more to it. But we will come back to this mathematical phenomenon on another page in our series)

We're done with the rules (for now), now we can proceed:

The STARS of TOLIMAN and AGENA, crosses the HORIZON, but has "curtailed passage," and therefore not significant for 2012.

The STAR of DIADEM, crosses the HORIZON, has passage, but not significant for 2012. This STAR is gentle and is found in charts of Popes, Priests, and Cannonized Saints.

The STAR of ALPHECCA crosses the HORIZON, has passage, but not significant for 2012. Found in charts of professional race car racers and the like, and certain astronaunts

The STAR OF ALKES crosses the HORIZON, has passage, but is not significant for 2012. This STAR is found in charts of peacemakers and also the clergy, certain diplomats also have this STAR prominent in their charts.

The STAR of ACRUX, although it is present on Dec 22nd as a SETTING STAR, it has "permanent curtailed passage" (the STAR doesn't rise or set, but "orbits" in a circular motion on the earths' circumpolar axis). The STAR is also too faint (low MAGNITUDE) to even be visible by the "naked" eye.

It is therefore, not significant for 2012 (note: just because we can't see a star's magnitude, doesn't mean it's not influencing us, but more on that later).

The STAR of DENEB ADIGE does cross the HORIZON, but has "curtailed passage." This is also a SETTING STAR and is not visible in most terrestrial latitudes.

A pause, for a moment.

Remember, if a STAR doesn't rise or set, having "permanent curtailed passage," the PSYCHOLOGY or MYTHOLOGY "projected" to the STAR will not be "felt" by the inhabitants of the earth. This is what renders it INSIGNIFICANT.

Another important point to keep in mind concerning "permanent curtailed passage", is that the STAR NEVER touches the earth's HORIZON (if I sound repetitious, it is intended: repetition begets learning and concrete understanding for the layperson). This includes, by the way, all cardinal points as well. Those STARS with curtailed passage (not permanent), have "passage," but only in certain terrestrial latitudes (of the United States). Those STARS with "permanent curtailed passage" in the United States, may have "passage" in the terrestrial latitudes of other countries. A STAR that rises in South America, may have set hour ago in North America-and so on.

Also remember, any STAR "referenced" from the visual perspective of earth will always be "relative." (this will be explained later on another entry)

The rising, culminating, and setting of any STAR (including PLANETS) are very LOCATION SENSITIVE (specific).

Now, the term "Not significant for 2012" simply means that the STARS thus far mentioned, are considered FRIENDLY, SUBTLE, FRAGILE, GENTLE, AND NON-THREATENING STARS (their mythologies are benevolent-thus promoting a "positive psychological manifestations of the STAR in the mundane lives of humans).

The STAR of SUALOCIN crosses, has passage, but is not significant for 2012. It is also a very benevolent STAR, found in charts of most lottery winners

The STAR of ALPHARD does cross our HORIZON, has passage, and is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT for 2012. In the days of Ptolemy, this STAR was considered DEMONIC (it was a more, I guess, "romantic" world, then). Today, however, we

prefer to use the term CHALLENGING.

Nevertheless, the MYTHOLOGY of the STAR is alive and well...

The STAR forms a PARAN RELATIONSHIP with the transiting planet PLUTO over the eigth house. This is the FINANCIAL HOUSE; savings, earning power (along with the second house), high income, real-estate wealth, the STOCK MARKET, HEDGE FUND MANAGERS, EMERGING MARKETS, THE TREASURY, THE FEDERAL RESERVES, AND OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.


Paran (from Latin meaning "pair" of two), Relationship defines the different "patterns", or "configurations" two bodies can have with each other. The man is the positive charge, the woman the negative charge. This creates a synergism or a TRANSFER OF ENERGY...


A paran relationship is an angular mathematical alignment the STAR makes with one of our PLANETS. If this alignment is close enough, the PLANET will act as a "satellite" for the STAR and transmute its "influence"

The STAR'S PSYCHOLOGY and MYTHOLOGY is associated with poisoning, blood poisoning, murder by poisoning, death by gas poisoning, poison bites, drug abuse, and the poisoning and hatred of women.

Before we begin our delineation of the potential events that may occur in association with this STAR, we have to clearly define what PLUTO in CAPRICORN really signifies-as well as the polarity points of the 2ND HOUSE and the 8TH HOUSE, and how this information is applied to mundane life.

To have Pluto in Capricorn means that at some point you will be subject to JUDGMENT.

This is the FIRST theme.

This judgment can come in any form. However, since Capricorn is the sign of government, the judgment will be against the government and/or the government judging the PEOPLE.

A sadomasochistic relationship is created whereas the population is the masochist and the government the "acting-sadist"

We clearly see this with the poor, the working class (and now, the middle class). Whereas the people depend on government programs, subsidies, and allotments to maintain daily living and sustenance.

The sick, the young, and the elderly are another such "population" dependent upon government support and protection.

Minority groups and women form yet another "population" in which the government can execute judgment to or against. It is the primordial "parent-child" psychology which dominates this archtype

Reversal of the "parent-child" psychology would be the "rebel" or "terrorist". He who judges the government and plots its "overthrow"

JUDGMENT can come from NATURE in the form of NATURAL DISASTERS.

MOTHER NATURE reverses the roles and becomes the "sadist" and we, humans, are the "masochist" at nature's mercy.

The SECOND theme concerning PLUTO in CAPRICORN is the perception of different 'realities" within a functional society.

We see this when we walk through neighborhoods and "hear" and "smell" and at times, even "taste" the different "realities" within one borough!

One neighborhood can be Italian, the other Chinese and so on. All these different "Cultures and their sub-cultures within" also come under fire by the government's judgment and vice versa.

PLUTO in CAPRICORN symbolizes the UNITY of these groups and subgroups, and a possible OVERTHROW of government (if not its "policies"), but only in worse case scenarios.

A REVERSAL of gender roles is not uncommon with PLUTO in CAPRICORN. The population will have its males being "at home" fathers while the mothers become the prime income earners.

Women will also be competing for higher salaries-and getting them!

This can lead to the "envy" of women by their counterparts-and plotting to under mind them or abuse them (ALPHARD).

We see this dichotomy now. There are more men unemployed than women (hence the new trend of "at home" fatherhood).

PLUTO in CAPRICORN rules Plutonians and Plutocrats (the absolute wealthy the 1% to 3%

of the "population" and is also considered to be the TRUE RULING CLASS of the NATION).


An example of a GENERATIONAL ATTITUDE, especially among the wealthy and affluent is the concept of ENTITLEMENT (which, thank god, is socially recognized as a distasteful attitude for both the wealthy and the "pretentious")

RUTHLESSNESS in business practices are not uncommon with PLUTO in CAPRICORN signatures in birth charts. But also, the consequences of such practices (judgment).

The end "justifies the means" is another PLUTO in CAPRICORN signature, but so is a guilt/atonement complex as well (because the "end doesn't justify "wrongful deeds").

The THIRD theme associated with PLUTO in CAPRICORN is "THE FINALITY OF THINGS"

In Astrology, PLUTO symbolizes TRANSFORMATION, TRANSMUTATION, INDIVIDUATION, AND TRANSCENDENCE. Usually, in that order. Unfortunately, the way this occurs is through DESTRUCTION and ANNIHILATION of the old order, so that the new can begin to take precedence (carried by the PLANET URANUS, the ruler of the AQUARIAN AGE).

Where ever PLUTO falls in the horoscope, will define the field of life this transformation will take place. And for the United States of America, it's in the FINANCIAL SECTOR where PLUTO now is transiting-and will be here until the year 2023-along with some very POWERFUL STARS!


If you re-READ this section and watch the news CAREFULLY, everything I have stated here is

coming to pass...

Let's go down the LIST:

1. First we discussed that Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes JUDGMENT, and that judgment will permeate every aspect of life.we see this going on now with the AMERICAN PEOPLE beginning to FIGHT BACK (realizing that the Republican Party AND the Tea Party are downright RUTHLESS in their aims to win the WHITE HOUSE)

2. We talked about Pluto in Capricorn ruling "groups" and "sub groups"; the republican party is TRYING THEIR ABSOLUTE BEST to prevent the poor people from voting by passing strict voter-id laws; they are also going after Hispanic voters, but at the same time attacking immigration legislation that would treat immigrants unfairly AND have them deported;

they are attacking EDUCATION making tuition hikes the highest in AMERICAN HISTORY!

(and let's not talk about the war against the middle class)

3. We also stated that Pluto in Capricorn is the "end justifies the means" signature. A ruthless signature where the government turns its back on its people AND THE PEOPLES OF OTHER GOVERNMENTS. Look at what is happening in Syria, Damascus, Iran, AND the surrounding countries. AMERICA is being accused of contributing to the DESTABILIZATION OF THE MIDDLE EAST!

Instead of ACTING AS A LEADER, as it has usually done in the past, it is now taking a deliberate "back seat" to what's going on (and all in the name of BIG PROFITS, to be sure).

At the Geneva Summit Convention, the United States along with Israel and other Western Allies are trying to DOMINATE who should be at that meeting (in which 150 countries will be represented), all because this Summit will take place in Tehran, fearing that Iran might play too big of an ACTIVE ROLE, thus upsetting WESTERN POWERS.

The United Nations is a complete JOKE! It is only a "symbol" of UNIVERSAL GOVERNMENT which is suppose to promote world peace and vigilance against threats to the free world. Yeah, all that may be true, BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE (Western Powers will always secure their interests first off!). A prime example is the suppression of free journalism, as journalists are now being persecuted AND THE UNITED STATES IS TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK!

The BBC is being accused of CENSORING NEWS FOOTAGE depicting the REAL WARS going on in the middle east-especial with what's happening in Syria

4. We also talked about Pluto in Capricorn ruling GENERATIONAL ATTITUDES, did you see the REPUBLICAN DEBATE last September? Did you hear the reactions from the AUDIENCE?!?! How they "booed" and condemned the gay soldier in Iraq,

clapping when Herman Cain said that "if you are not rich, or at least have a job, blame yourself"!

The audience's reaction was more news worthy than the actual Republican Debate! These people later identified themselves as the 'BLUE BLOODS" (or those who came in the "Mayflower").

They carry themselves with much ENTITLEMENT, PRIVILEGE, and GENEALOGICAL AUTHORITY (the birthplace of BIGOTRY)

These old "confederate" attitudes are rising to the surface with a VENGEANCE! (and being directed at the poor, the unrepresented, and those who are invisible from mainstream America)

5. We talked about RUTHLESSNESS IN BUSINESS; and the BANKS are not letting up; The banks were bailed out-yet again!

The mortgage crisis has gotten WORSE; and over 20% of homes in America are now in serious trouble.

UPDATE; 1/7/14:

Did you hear what's happening in WEST VIRGINIA with the POISONING OF THE WATER SUPPLY???


PLUTO IN CAPRICORN is still at work; now we hear that the "contamination " stemming from these companies "toiling with EARTH'S RESOURCES

has caused another serious spill in to the natural RESERVOIRS which supplies drinking water to FIVE STATES; (also another expression of Pluto in Capricorn) all in the name of BIG PROFITS!



I agree with John Boehner on this...

Obviously some lobbyist group (or groups) is being PAID OFF..



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