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larry was born in 1967 on February 3rd. The number 3 correlates to the sign GEMINI, which is the number of INITIATION, BEGINNINGS, WORKS, and the vice of JEALOUSY AND ENVY.


Rudy was unemployed for two years and was at the end of his rope! He didn't know what to do with himself. He had a girlfriend but she lost interest in him once be became unemployed.

"Hey it happens..," he reasoned

"You're not the only one and will certainly not be the last one"

"Is that suppose to comfort me?"

"In a way, yes"


"Because women have been doing this for centuries-not just human women bu the whole planet as a species behaves this way. It's about self preservation"

"So what do I do about employment? At my age how do I start over?"

"That's what we're here to find out right?"

"Go ahead..."

"your chart has no particular signatures that will define a crisis in consciousness or in action"


"No significant issues or problems that I can readily see"

"Does that mean to you that I have no problems?" He asked, hard

"No. But I'll get to that momentarily. What I'm saying is that there are no hard or challenging aspects for this year for you. However, the planet Neptune is retrograding on your ascendant"

"And what does that mean?"

"This transit tends to confuse things or cause sudden reversals when near the ascendant. It is ruling your SIXTH HOUSE of health, work, hygene, and service. It began crossing the ascendant at around August 3rd"

"Funny you should say that..."


"Lost my job on the 3rd of August. And it was weird the way it happened"

"Would you mind telling me?"

"my friend told me that I was ganna get canned. But my other friend told me that it would be him, the one who told me that I would get canned, that will actually get canned. So I confronted him and he told me that Luis didn't know what he was talking about because his girlfriend who works in personnel told him so. So I went and spoke to his girlfriend and she denied ever saying it. So I dismissed the whole gossip and before you know it-"

"You got fired"


"You sound angry..."

"You think?"

"Sounds like you've been set-up, my friend"

"And you're right because the next month guess who got my job..."


"The girl in personnel, her boyfriend's sister"


"Yeah, ouch. That mothafucka!"

"What job did you do?"

"Systems analyst. And I've been out of work for one whole year"

"So how did you survive?"

"I volunteer at a hospital as an orderly and after six months got hired as an orderly and nurse assistant, through their in-house training"

Now that's the SCORPIO ASCENDANT talking. A survivor. But the Aquarian moon didn't allow him to see his real issues with people. His detachment. But astrologically speaking, Neptune is known for those types of confusions. Particularly when crossing the ascendant. Betrayal, hidden enemies, and secret undoing all coincide with lovely Neptune, that beautiful blue planet has been responsible for much drama in our primary world. But, without that "drama" life would be VERY DULL, wouldn't it? Without Neptune, we wouldn't have the capability to be CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE, ROMANTIC, AND DREAMY; everything has a "price"


But getting back to our man here; if you think that Aquarian Women got it bad, the men have it MUCH WORSE when it comes to the AQUARIAN MOON. These men seem to show NO empathy, but cold DETACHMENT.

Remember the movie classic, "THE BAD SEED"? That little girl who was responsible for all those murders-AND SHOWED NO EMPATHY, NO REMORSE, NO GUILT, AND WAS DIABOLICALLY INDIFFERENT TO HER CRIMES-attest for that primal necessity of early Homonids who had to survive a harsh primitive early earth when HUMANS first entered the scene on our planet (or maybe our "extraterrestrial ancestors implanted better emphatic 'gene' tissue, to make us "like each other" more functionally and productively)

Thank god we have evolved with some empathy (when this concept developed in early humans, this gave rise to what we call CULTURE and/or SOCIOLOGY). This is what gave rise to COMMUNITIES later in our sociological evolution.

Well, having said all this, we can ascribe some of these "primitive qualities"

of early humans to the AQUARIAN MOON, TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

But the men have it BAD. And what makes it 'bad" is that they are PSYCHOLOGICALLY SELF-"UNAWARE" of their own IMPACT on others, whether for good or bad.

I noticed that many people in my practice, that exhibited an Aquarian moon have a lot of enemies (and they are "unaware" of them, because they are so DETACHED from their environment AND from everyone else, on an EMOTIONAL level)

No doubt, this can piss people off...

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