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Samantha was born a PISCES on March 9th, 1985 in Glenn Clove, Long Island. In NUMEROLOGY the # 9 correlates to the sign of SAGITTARIUS, and therefore HIGHER LEARNING, TRAVELING, and PUBLISHING are excellent avenues of self-expression. The number nine correlates to COMPLETION, TRANSFORMATION, and the vice of AVARICE.


"What's the story?"

"Well, there isn't much to tell, other than the fact that I seem to choose the wrong men all the time...I wanna know what the chart says about that"

"The chart gives clues as to what type of men you like and those that you attract"

"Interesting. I can have a particular desire or attraction for a particular type but still attract other types?"

"oh, yes" I stated with certainty

"How so?"

"Well, for instance, you have your MARS, the GOD of WAR and SEXUALITY in the sign of ARIES, the sign of AGGRESSIVE FORCE

"That sounds good-"

"Wait a minute, not so fast..."


"You like the bad boy types. Your mars at 5 degrees always produces UNSTABLE TYPES".

"You got that right. But I wanna know why I was born with this placing in my horoscope"

"Wow. no one's ever ask those types of deep questions before..."

"Can you answer it?

"Your past life dynamics have dictated, through the agency of Karma, what cards are to be dealt in this current life. and in your case, having MARS in Aries will dictate a fast life, without the possibility of reflection, thus creating many mistakes in your wake-not to mention broken hearts"

"you mean I was a heart breaker?" She asked, gleefully.

"You seem proud of that", I stated, surprised.

"Hell, yeah. It's good to know I was a bad bitch then"

"Which is why you're bitch now," I murmured under my breath

"What was that?"

"I mean it's good to be. that way guys don't walk all over you..." I breathed.


You see, Samantha can't keep a guy, but for different reasons than those of Carmen. Like, Julissa, Samantha has a mouth on her. She's intelligent, but highly OPINIONATED and BLUNT (the Sagittarian moon!). She doesn't seem to realize (her Pisces Sun Sign) that her uncompromising opinions are ATTRACTING HER TO EQUALLY OPINIONATED PARTNERS!

Remember, Pisces is the sign of the MIRROR. If you have a PISCES in your mist, DUE KNOW FOR A FACT that the personality you are WITNESSING is not what you THINK, BUT A MIRROR REFLECTION OF YOU OR THE PERSON'S ENVIRONMENT (should you be in their turf).

Before the invention of mirrors, the only way we can see how we look like is through the REFLECTION OF THE WATER (which Pisces rules).

And, like the sign of Pisces, the reflection in the water ONLY REVEALS THE OUTER-NOT THE INNER, REALITY OF THE PERSON!

When these guys get "close" they see a great Piscean beauty (like Elizabet Taylor in Street Car Named Desire, with Paul Newman. Elizabeth Taylor, who is a Pisces, is stunning, LOOKING LIKE A GODDESS in that film!). But when these very same guys look a little "closer", they encounter a highly intelligent, but frustrated woman who seems to have a 'chip on her shoulder'. And this is a great "romance kill"

"So what seems to be the problem?"

" I don't know. I guess guys resent my intelligence or something..."

"Or something?"

"You know. Guys don't like smart women. It intimidates them"

"So why not dumb down?"

"But why should I. Is relating stupidly to a guy the only option we smart women have in today's world?"

"And in yesterday's, too"

"But that's fucked up!"

"It is..."

"What does the chart suggest I do?"

"An astrological chart doesn't 'suggest' for you to do anything that isn't already within your own reach of understanding. The birth chart presents the "issues", yes, but the solution you must come up with that. And it seems to me that you know what types of guys you attract and how to deal with them-so what's the problem?"

"But that doesn't make it real, true! If I know a guy's worth and I play to his pitch, how does that make the relationship real?"

"That depends on what you want from them-at that moment in time. I mean, let's be real here-you're not ganna marry these types of guys, so why try to figure them out for? Just enjoy them, have fun with their bodies, their minds or whatever suits your fancy, but don't try to put them in a frame in which you can manipulate them for your own end-especially if that's not Mr. right"

"But in order for me to cultivate the right guy I must begin with honesty, right? Shouldn't he, too?"

"And here lies the problem: why cultivate, why not let be? To me, and I have a daughter and a niece and many sisters, and my counsel to you isn't that much different than the advice I would give my own daughter: DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A HUSBAND OUT OF EVERY BOYFRIEND YOU MEET OR DATE, and if you must, engage in fantasy when you go to bed, like the rest of us, and you'll be fine and won't fuck things up"

"That's not what women do, Fernando

"So what do they do?" I countered

"Want to let them know that I'm no 'walk over' or push over!"

"But why? Shouldn't you let them find that out for themselves-you know it is more sexy for us (men)"

"That's what I'm talking about! I don't want always to be seen as a sex object! You are not taken seriously when people see you as an object of desire! I want these mothafuckers to notice my mind, too!"

"Girl, please! What UNIVERSE are you living in???"

"You're not being sensitive to my feelings right know"

"Good, I'm accomplishing something then..."

My heart goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Pisces, they are too sensitive to even DEAL with the possibility of DECEPTION, BETRAYAL, AND EMOTIONAL HURT; Yet it is interesting that behind many a heart breaks, a Pisces will always be found within its mist (and mostly doing the breaking!)

Samantha, like Lulah, Julissa and Carmen, are running away from reality and engaging in a fantasy of 'what could be' instead what IS...

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