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I went out to a roof top bar on Columbus Avenue in New York one night, just by myself-some "me" time. I like to do stuff like that and overlook the city from above. it's very relaxing for me (my Libra ascendant in need of some indulgence)

Eating fine food, drinking good wine, and enjoying the company of the "beautiful ones" both men and women; hey, nothing wrong with that! Life couldn't be better!

As I relaxed, behind me was a wonderful smell of orchards, and a perfume that a girlfriend I use to date back in college, wore; Alfred Sung; a very sexy fragrance (and the girl was sexy, too). I couldn't resist but turn around and ask the lady sitting behind me what that perfume was, you know, just to be sure...

"It's Alfred Sung", smiling

"it's very nice, smells nice on you", I complimented

"Great, that means I'm ready..." sipping her martini with such poise, it almost seem surreal

"You must be a model", I grunted

"Yeah, and what kind of model would you have me be?" She nodded

"One from the Magazine of Redbook, Maxim, or maybe Fairchild..."

"I'm impressed. You know your stuff"

"Hardly, may I ask what kind of work are you in?"

"You first-"

"Fernando", I extended my hand, "I'm an astrologer"

"Ming Sue, an escort madam"


"oh? Not exactly the kind of reaction I was expecting..."

"Where are you from, ms. Sue?"


"Wow, far from home,eh?"

"I live around the corner from here..."

"Are you at work now?" (I shrugged that off, feeling stupid-but only for a second)

"Actually, yes. I'm waiting on him now" she confessed

"Tell me, how do you select your "clients"?

"I go by instinct. They never let me down..."

Ming Sue was born on September 3rd, 1987. She's 24 years old with ARIES on the ASCENDANT, and a PISCES MOON!

That's where she gets her instincts from!

In NUMEROLOGY the #3 correlates to the sign GEMINI and connotes INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY, but with the vice of JEALOUSY.

The fact that Ming Sue chose this profession doesn't surprise me.

Virgo is the sign of the HUSTLER, GO GO DANCER, EXOTIC DANCER, CALL GIRL, A MADAM, FIRST CLASS PROSTITUTION, "TRICKS", AND "JOHNS" (a total contrast to the mythological connotation of "virginity"!)

What people don't realize is that ALL SIGNS HAVE A NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE POLARITY!

Virgo is the "Virgin" of the zodiac (which is why its symbol is a young, vibrant woman), and Pisces is the "whore" of the zodiac (Jezzebel, Lilith, or Hecate); both a lover and hater of "Men")


But what is a "constructive way" suppose to be? Isn't it DIFFERENT for everybody?

Like my Russian friend, Ivanovna, this woman was ALL BUSINESS!

But, honestly, ANYONE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO RISE FROM THEIR ECONOMIC CONDITIONS, you just gatta know how. And this is different for everybody!

The PISCES MOON is complex, but it makes you HIGHLY PSYCHIC! And INTUITIVE!

To be a MADAM takes GUTS and it's an extremely COURAGEOUS RISK to take with your LIFE!

I, too, worked as an escort (back in the day), and "go go" dancer (to pay for college after my parents died), and as a GUY, I HAD SOME AGGRESSIVE ENCOUNTERS with the PUBLIC (both sexual and non sexual). So, for a WOMAN, the risks are FAR WORSE and DANGEROUS!

But I'm not mad at her-you go!

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