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INDRA: The wrath of India

Indra is 29 years old. In Astrology, we call ages 27-29 the "Individuation Zone"

This is the FIRST SATURN RETURN CYCLE, it is usually preceded by your FIRST LUNATION CYCLE (which might occur earlier, mostly, age 26).

This is a very important CYCLE because it SETS THE TONE for the FOLLOWING 29 1/2 YEARS TO COME!

Indra was faced with some life altering decisions and turning points in her life (as is usually the case with these phases).


But this takes courage sometimes. Some people "back in" their way through the doors of individuation; sheepish, hesitant, scared-not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It can be a very scary time for some people.

Indra Sidikki is from Mumbai, India, born on August 14th. In NUMEROLOGY the # 5 correlates to the sign LEO (which is #5 in the series of 12 signs).

It stands for ADVENTURE, SENSUALITY, and the VICE of EXCESS, and of course, PRIDE.

She has a SCORPIO ASCENDANT, a CAPRICORN MOON. Her eyes reveal an anthology of knowledge, some common, most, however, very hidden and mysterious. I mean, let's face it, India is a very mysterious, mystical, and exotic place. We don't KNOW much about the continent or its people (as far as Westerners are concerned, generally speaking, that is)

Even the most astute anthropologist-ANYWHERE, is baffled at the complexity and origin of this most enigmatic place!

ALL can "catch" in her commands respect.

I pray (on men's behalf) that who ever marries this beautiful lotus flower, can HANDLE THE PACKAGE.

Leo women are something else...

"talk to me..."

"well Fernando, what can I say? I woke up on August 14th-and I'll never forget it either, got up from bed. It was 6:00am. I remember...the sky looked different-"

"what do you mean different" I asked for clarification

"It was different that's all..."

"Go on"

"I went to the balcony, opened my storm windows and looked down the street into downtown Mumbai. Crowded, smoggy, beautiful thou...I felt a tinge of fear, I didn't know why. Afterall, it was my birthday. I was 29. I lived in Mumbai all my life. loved it, protected it, and pledged to die here...but that morning...something be honest, I've been feeling this tinge of fear-like you said. At age 26..."

"what, if you can remember, precipitated this tinge of fear-and please, take your time" I mused.

"This great life I was living was about to come to an end...that was the fear...something this good wasn't going to last forever..."

"It never does", I agreed, "then what did you do?"

" I got dressed and went downstairs and told my parents that I was leaving India to go to America-that afternoon!"

Yes! Girlfriend told her parents she was leaving. Packed a bag, left her Indian clothes at the airport, and by next evening she was in New York City.

Talk about being dramatic! But that's the # 5 VIBRATION.

All #5s are romantics at heart. And no matter HOW THEY APPEAR TO YOU, those born on a #5 day (and it HAS TO BE the DAY OF BIRTH) will be adventurous!



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